Advertising FAQ

Is there a way to be on Page #1?

Yes! PRIORITY LISTINGS appear on PAGE #1, before all alphabetical listings. Priority Listings provide a large photo, website link, and multiple options like a coupon offer, social media links, link to your Yelp reviews, and a large phone number.

Can I also be seen FIRST on my State Page?

Yes! We offer most professions, businesses and companies banner ads on our state pages. Visitors see you first, before selecting their city.

Can I upgrade my alphabetical listing?

Yes! Alphabetical listings can be upgraded to Premium, Photo-Link for a small annual fee, or Photo or Bold for a one time fee. See the examples on our "Upgrade or Add My Listing" page.

Once purchased, how soon until published?

After successful PayPal checkout,  we publish within 1 to 3 business days. We will  email you a link to check your listing. Any edits or changes can be requested by reply.

Will my listing adjust to mobile devices?

Yes! The site design is "RESPONSIVE" and will adjust to different device resolutions. On mobile devices your listing will be re-arranged vertically, and your number will become click-to-call.

Is there a buyer protection plan?

Yes! We offer a 30-day FREE trial on renewable banner and listing subscriptions and a 30-day money back guarantee, less PayPal processing fees (approximately 2% to 3%) on the Photo or Bold one time payment listings.

Will my listing be automatically renewed?

Yes! Listings are automatically renewed each year. A PayPal notice will be sent prior to the renewal date. No action is required unless you decide to log into PayPal to unsubscribe.

Can the content be changed?

Yes! We offer one complimentary content change each year. If more changes are required, a $10.00 fee, per change, is required.

For other questions, or to request discounts for multiple listing purchases, email us at: