30-Day Guarantee

30-day money back guarantee begins the day PayPal checkout is successfully completed.

Listings with 30-Day Free Trial Period: Your credit card, or PayPal account, will not be debited until the 30-day free trial period has elapsed. If you cancel your subscription during the 30-day free trial, you will not be charged. A cancelation after the 30-day period will result in termination of PayPal auto-renewal and your credit card, or PayPal account, will be debited for the one year subscription fee.

Listings without a Free Trial Period: A purchaser who cancels a listing product, within 30-days, will receive a refund from PayPal, less a small (usually 2% - 3%) PayPal processing fee.
Additional Options

Paypal provides online payment service and automatic listing renewals. You may cancel your listing subscription at any time by logging into the PayPal listing account.