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Our website provides information to help you find a chiropractic. It includes a wide variety of information about locations, contact information, and services of chiropractor health care providers. In addition, we provide numerous health related articles, but we do not provide specific health related advice. We recommend visitors consult a chiropractor, or other qualified health care provider, for diagnosis and treatment. We hope our directory will be helpful in your search to find a chiropractor.


“This site,” “our,” and “we” are defined as the owners of this site, its administrators, and employees. "Purchasers," "Buyers," and "Subscribers" are defined as anyone who purchases or subscribes to a directory ad or listing product on this site. “Visitors” are defined as but are not limited to those who view the site but typically do not add content to the site. “Person(s)” are defined as but are not limited to this site, any participant, visitor or any unnamed person(s) associated to this site. “Terms and Conditions” are defined as any and all rules, instructions, agreements, restrictions, guidelines, modes of conduct, legalities, disclaimers, or general use of this site and similar information or content on this site. All titles and headings are for convenience purposes and are not to be construed as segregating or limiting terms of use or policies.


The views and opinions appearing on this website are of the author of each work and are provided to be informational and helpful but do not necessarily represent the views and opinions of all chiropractors, health care providers, or people in general. While every effort is made to provide a quality site, all content and links are transmitted “AS IS.” This site and its participants make no guarantees as to the accuracy or completeness of the information, assume no legal liability, and do not provide express or implied warranties, guarantees, recommendations, or endorsements of any content, information, links, products, or services that appear in any articles or advertisements on this site. Use of this site is not to be construed as creating a joint venture, partnership, or agency relationship between you and this site. No authority has been given you to represent this site, assign any agreement to another, or create an obligation. Linked sites and participants may have independent practices from ours; this site cannot be responsible for their policies or activities. If you have questions for them, please contact them directly. Person(s) agree to indemnify and hold this site harmless and exempt from any and all claims, damages, losses, and causes of action arising out of a breach or alleged breach of this agreement, legal action or preliminary measures toward legal action regardless of the person(s) a legal action may be against. By use of this site in any way, any and all person(s), local and international, signifies understanding and acceptance of the content, terms and policies in their entirety herein. This site reserves the right to change the terms and policies at any time, without notice and at the sole discretion of the administrators of this site. It is your responsibility to review these terms and policies periodically. Your continued use of this site signifies the understanding and acceptance of the current content, terms, and policies.

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We keep personally identifiable information, provided to this site, private. Information submitted to us will be used solely for this site and its affiliates. This site will not sell or published private information for public view. Necessary credit card information will be handled via a secure connection using PayPal.


To maintain the integrity of information and the proper function of this site, we reserve the right to add, delete, reorganize, grant, deny, alter and/or substitute content, visual and/or audio services, links, terms and/or policies at any time without notice and at the sole discretion of the owners or administrators of this site, without full or prorated remuneration to other person(s). This site holds high regard for the quality of information herein. This will be taken into consideration if, or when, any content requires alterations. This site may rely on many sources for purposes of reorganizing content including but not limited to the National Census Bureau, varied sources regarding metropolitan to rural demographics, and varied directories. It is the intent of this site to be reasonable and uphold the practices of integrity, honesty, and timeliness. We reserve the right to determine and implement our operation of business at our sole discretion, regardless of input, thoughts, requests, and actions of any and all person(s). Person(s) who add information to this site agree to be professional, tasteful, and preserve the accuracy and correctness of information to the best of their abilities. Person(s) also agree to acceptable online conduct and refrain from malicious, illegal, slanderous, distasteful, pornographic or profane language, information, links, graphics, sounds, images, text, or actions either on or directed at this site, its owners, and administrators. Person(s) further agree to not hot link to this site or display or use this site on another website including not displaying any portion of this website within a frame of another website.


The content herein is a compilation of many sources. Elements of this site and of affiliated websites may contain material protected under copyright laws and may be protected under other laws. If any content exists herein without copyright permission, please contact us as soon as possible. It may be prohibited to reproduce, copy, perform, retransmit, upload, or create decorative works from content on this site, including but not limited to names, logos, graphics, sound, images, text, design, software, other files, page headers, icons, scripts, service marks, trademarks, and/or trade dress. Any and all person(s) agree to obtain permission to use copyrighted material from the holder of the copyright. All responsibility to preserve copyright laws remains not with this site, but with other person(s) that have obtained the material to post to this site or requested the right to reproduce information from this site. Proof of copyright permission may be required. Copyright infringement may result in termination, in appropriate circumstances, of participation or rights to use or link to this site without full or prorated remuneration.


Banners: Banners are available to most companies upon acceptance by the owners or administrators of this site. For instance, we do not accept banners associated with pornography, but may also refuse, at our sole discretion, any banner order made to this site.

Listings: Listings on this site are strictly limited to licensed practicing Doctors of Chiropractic. Chiropractors who are not licensed or licensed but not in active practice may not advertise on this site.

Note: Private individuals, businesses, or non-chiropractor professions may not advertise on this site. We reserve the right to refuse or remove any listing or advertising that does not meet with the aforementioned criteria and issue a partial refund, less the PayPal processing fee.


  • Placement: For a "Banner" or a "Priority Listing" is reserved upon receipt of payment and we do our best to publish in one to three business days. In the event any other orders were received before your order, they will appear before yours in the directory. Buyers are welcome to email us to inquire if there are any such orders pending.

  • 30-day guarantee period: The guarantee period begins the day payment is received. If during this 30-day period you are not completely satisfied with the publishing process, you may request a refund, less a small processing fee retained by PayPal. There is NO refund after this 30-day guarantee period and if after this 30-day period the published listing is not accepted as is, the listing will be removed or kept as is at buyer's request, or removed or kept as is by the site owners if no such request is made by the buyer, and any automatic renewals will be canceled.

  • Client Content: It is the responsibility of the client to provide, by email, any aditional information, photos, etc., that cannot be obtained from their website for us to publish the order. Such information may be emailed directly, or may made as a reply to our request for such additional materials. Failure to email such information will result in the product being published without the additional information and or images included.
  • Publishing: A publishing announcement will be emailed within one to three business days after payment is received.
  • Content Alterations: Two free content alterations are allowed each year. Any additional alterations require a $10 fee.

  • Automatic Renewals: PayPal will provide a yearly renewal notice. PayPal will auto renew your listing subscription or banner ad at the original price. Auto renewals occur on the last day of the yearly subscription unless you perform a termination of service at PayPal. This cancelation must be done prior to the renewal. No refund will be made for a cancelation that has already been renewed and any bank contested charges, made by the buyer, may result in bank fees against the buyer if the contested charged is settled in PayPal's favor.


All purchases and banner or listing subscriptions must be paid for online, through PayPal. The payment may be by credit card or through an existing PayPal account. All banners and listings will be sized as closely as possible to the format shown on the order form.


"Banners" and "Priority Listings" are placed by seniority, which is the date of payent received. This placement order will be maintained provided the listing is auto-renewed each year, or if a payment to renew is received prior to the end of the subscription if auto-renewals were canceled. Due to the time it takes to create and publish, we cannot guarantee the space, which appeared to be the next listing space, will be your space. Other orders may have preceded yours. By ordering a "Banner" or a "Priority Listing" the purchaser agrees to the listing placement we provide, under the aforementioned conditions.

"Premium Listings" or any other type of "Alphabetical Listings" are placed in the alphabetical order, by practice name.


You, the purchaser, will be responsible for the content in your listing, i.e., truth in claims made, copyright permission, etc. You have an obligation to inform us if any dispute arises regarding your content. It may be necessary to remove the ad, listing, or content in question until the dispute is settled. There is no remuneration for such situations. You may submit alternate content to replace any disputed content. If a "Banner" or "Priority Listing" is taken down for disputed content, the placement space will be kept for 30 days, so you may submit alternate content. We reserve the right to refuse any banner or listing order or to take down, at our discretion, any published banner or listing in dispute. We further reserve the right to cancel a banner or any listing subscription for any unwarranted or repeated content changes arising from disputes. We reserve the right to monitor this site for appropriate, professional content and reserve the right to remove any banner or listing that is determined to be a liability or illegal in nature.


Please share any comments with us by email: admin@findachiropractor.com

 - Terms and Conditions last revised October 12, 2020

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